The following Warranty applies to all products produced by Mitchell Bink Concrete Design.

Mitchell Bink Concrete Design provides a one-year structural warranty. 

During the first year from the date of delivery or collection, Mitchell Bink Concrete Design, at its sole option, shall repair or replace a product if it fails to maintain functional structural integrity for the intended purpose of the product solely due to a manufacturing defect. Mitchell Bink Concrete Design warrants that the product will be free from manufacturing defects.

Hairline cracks, cracking due to high heat, surface scratches, staining, chips, improper care, general wear, failures due to inadequate support or un-level cabinetry are not included as part of this Warranty. Products collected from our workshop that are damaged during transport or show signs of damage within 4 months of collection are not included as part of our Warranty. 

If a claim is invalid or dishonest in nature, Mitchell Bink Concrete Design has the right to charge the client for time evaluating the product’s cause of the defect. Mitchell Bink Concrete Design shall have sole and final right to determine whether a warranty claim is valid.

A full copy of the Mitchell Bink Concrete Design Terms & Conditions, Care & Maintenance Guide and Warranty can be downloaded here.