After Delivery, Installation or Collection

After the first few weeks of your custom piece being delivered, installed or collected, the sealer may still be curing and hardening to provide a tough protective surface, we suggest you take extra care during this time. 

If you have trades onsite, completing other work throughout your home, it is important you ask your trades to not use your concrete piece (especially if it is a concrete benchtop). Trades can often use it as a bench to put their food or tools on, not knowing about the benchtop or product. Please ask your trades to stay off your concrete piece. We are not able to cover a piece due to sealer requirements. If it is damaged by trades or others onsite, the below sand and re-seal process is an option. 

Should you or someone in your home scratch, stain or chip your piece, or overtime you see general ware, there is an option to have Mitchell come out to try and repair your piece. Firstly, we ask that you send us photos. 

For chips, Mitchell can create a grout mix to fill the chip. The grout mix is designed to fill the chip. It will not completely disguise the area but will certainly patch what has been chipped away. If you have stained or scratched your piece, Mitchell will need to sand back and re-seal your piece. In most cases, the whole piece will need to be sanded and re-sealed for a more consistent finish.

The sooner we can be notified about the above, the better chance Mitchell will have to repair the concern. If you are noticing general ware and want your benchtop to be freshened up, this is also the opportunity to have Mitchell sand back and re-seal your benchtop.  

During the sand and re-seal process, Mitchell will endeavor to fix and recondition the piece/s to the best of his ability. By completing this process, it will reduce and potentially eliminate current marking, however depending on the extent of the impairment, Mitchell may not be able to remove all damage. As the piece/s will be sanded back to a certain point, you should expect new colours, pinholes, level of patina, finish and/or surface variation to appear.

Ongoing Costs

PROCESS: Onsite Review (Located in the ACT)

Option 1: If the client is not able to send through sufficient photo or video footage and Mitchell is required to or asked to attend site (x1) to review the damaged piece. $250

PROCESS: Chip Fix (located in the ACT)

Option 1: Client to collect grout mix from Mitchell Bink Concrete Design and apply and sand themselves. Postage is available for additional cost. $50

Option 2: Mitchell to attend site ($150). Mitchell to apply grout and material cost ($100). Mitchell to attend site a second time to sand back grout ($150). $400

PROCESS: Sand and Reseal (Located in the ACT)

Required: Mitchell to attend site to begin the process $150

Required: Mitchell to return to site the following day to complete the process. $150

Additional: If Mitchell is required to attend the site again (per visit). $150

Size: a) Mitchell to sand and re-seal (time and material) 1m2 (and below). +$450

b) Mitchell to sand and re-seal (time and material) 1-3m2. +$600

c) Mitchell to sand and  re-seal (time and material) 3.1-5m2. +$900

d) Mitchell to sand and re-seal (time and material) 5.1-7m2. +$1200

e) Mitchell to sand and  re-seal (time and material) 7m2+. +$POA

A full copy of the Mitchell Bink Concrete Design Terms & Conditions, Care & Maintenance Guide and Warranty can be downloaded here.