After Delivery, Installation or Collection

After the first few weeks of your piece being delivered, installed or collected, the sealer may still be curing and hardening to provide a tough protective surface, we suggest you take extra care during this time.

If you have trades onsite, completing other work throughout your home, it is important you ask your trades to not use your concrete piece. Trades can often use it as a bench to put their food or tools on, not knowing about the benchtop or product. Please ask your trades to stay off your concrete piece. We do not recommend covering a concrete piece due to sealer requirements.

Overtime your piece may develop general wear. This is not uncommon and is a natural characteristic of the material. As your piece ages, you may notice minor changes in appearance, such as slight color variations. Rest assured that these changes are typical and do not affect the structural integrity of the product.

For more information, please download our "What to expect, when you're expecting Concrete" Document.